We at Troutzoola are thankful for an abundance of reasons.  We sometimes overlook that being able to work and take guests floating down these amazing rivers in our homeland here in Western Montana is an amazing privilege. We  recently met and were lucky to finish our season out in late October with a couple of new groups that moved to Stevensville MT.  We were also able to share laughs and entertained some returning guests that have become dear friends over the last 23 seasons. Thank you everyone who made the effort to get here and go fly fishing with us.

Our guide staff worked hard and finished the year strong.  Thanks Alex, Alex (there are a couple of Alex’s) Justin, Cole, Brad, Ben, Josh, Bobby, Tommy (my friend and guy who gets our rigs to the get out)!  You guys were awesome thanks for helping make it a great 2022 season.

We are thankful that our family has had an excellent fall hunting season.  Our daughter Logan, my wife Sandy, our son Pride, his girlfriend Aurelia (her first year hunting, she also got a real nice white tail buck),  our dogs Hakan, Silas, Alby, and myself have put in some positive miles hiking in the mountains and steppe lands of Western Montana.  We were fortunate to fill the freezer with wild game and have been doing a lot of processing here at the Jessen household, I can’t really think of a better Thanksgiving than spending time together while preparing and appreciating the hooved and winged animals that will sustain us through the year. Logan made an amazing recovery of a beautiful white tail buck.  The deer was close to 400 yards, it was getting dark and she felt comfortable with the shot.  After the shot, the deer ran into some ravines.  We waited a few minutes and went to look for her deer. I went to where I thought it would have ran to. Logan went the other way.  A few minutes later I heard her yell ” Here he is” excitedly!  She hit the deer perfect in the heart with the .300 win mag, the deer ran 100 yards or so. Logan is an excellent tracker and very ethical.

Fall and early winter is an amazing time for togetherness and appreciation while reflecting on the year we’ve had.

I’ll be rowing a  guide boat in 2023  but I’m scaling back days due to some lingering health issues.

I hope all of our friends, guests, and extended river family are able to be together, be healthy, be festive, and be happy  this Thanksgiving. Let’s have an amazing outlook as we head into Christmas and the Holiday season.   I hope everyone looks forward to 2023!    love you guys   TROUTZOOLA!