Pam hooked up on the Blackfoot!

Pride with another Beav Brownie.

My wife Sandy and I recently visited the Bighole, Beaverhead rivers, and  Dillon with our camper and our drift  boat. Some of my guests wanted to see a new river so I was able to work for an outfitter who had some Beaverhead days.  It was a nice breakup from being in the Bitterroot valley, but we are glad to take on September and finish strong.

Logan Jessen with a Beaverhead Brown trout, Aug 2020

20 years ago when I started guiding these rivers in Montana I really didn’t think about how long I might row a drift boat. Well this year has been for no other words a Doozy!  The fishing has been pretty good, the weather and snow pack along with some summer rains have everything in good shape.  The hopper fishing has recently become solid.

My good friend Jim G has fished over 50 trips with us.

17 years with Garrett and Jeff, elk burger on the Beaverhead

Covid, its quarantines, politics, travel implications, and other national events have been some of the hardest things to deal with as people who fish with me bring their concerns.

Don and Dianne, thanks for putting up with us.

Seeing old friends who have fished with me, some for 20 years now and reconnecting with these guys has been special lately.  Traveling has been tough on people, so when my old and new friends arrive, it is good to feel back to normal, floating our rivers and catching trout.

My good bud Jeff on the Missouri!