I watched a bear swim the river, run up the bank, stop at the guard rail and look both ways before crossing high way 200 on the Blackfoot.  Pretty cool, who thinks wild animals are dumb?

Fishing has been pretty good lately.  I had the Hole in the Wall gang for 5 days.  We had a couple  real good hekuba and trico fishing days.  The hopper bite is good in some water and mediocre in other runs, but we still had excellent dropper fishing on the Clark Fork.  Strung together 5 awesome floats.

2 days ago I fished with a good friend and his wife on the lower root and we wacked em real good on hoppers in the afternoon, pink leggy ones.  We also stuck em on trikes in the Morn!  The previous morning Bill and I shot 7 pheasants on our local shooting preserve and my dog Griff kicked ass!  He locked up and pointed every bird and retrieved them all also. We then caught some bows on the Clark Fork, a little Cast and Blast action!

Guiding has been going well, just cruizing along rowing boats for another month.  We’ll be finishing up on the Missouri out of Craig MT in late October,  then I’ll be taking some clients and my family elk, deer, and bird hunting. Yeah Buddy!

 I’m looking forward to the next chapter, no script, shoot from the hip!!

Bill and I with an OOOPPS fish in the boat!