Hey guys, man has it been a year.  I finished my last fishing guide day yesterday on the MO.   I have never felt  more physically exhausted after a guide season than I have this season.  I worked 150 some days starting in early March like I have the last 5 or six seasons, but be it age, my physical condition, the drought, and heat we worked through this year,  the combination of those factors kicked my ass.  It was a great fishing year with  mostly return guests who are friends, but I’m exhausted and looking forward to some down time.   I thank all of you guys for coming out fishing.

The fishing this fall was awesome. We had some cloudy, rainy days and we watched pods of Missouri fish that where 10 feet wide and 10 feet long and I swear you could walk across the trout.  Literally 100 fish in a small area chowing BWO’s.  Every flat you looked down you would see  trout feeding, the river is a trout mecca/ holy water/ pilgrimage, a ton of fish.  It looked like shark week,  just carnage and catching as many 19-22 inch bows and browns as you wanted to.

The Bitterroot has been fishing good one day and slow the next, kinda weather based.  Bright sun no good, rain and clouds, real good.  There is another month of excellent fishing around here and the Missouri will fish lights out through November also.

My kids shot a couple of deer on the early youth hunt last week, and now I’m looking forward to spending time with my wife, kids, and dogs chasing birds/ elk/ steelhead,   Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!