Hey guys fishing has been pretty good even though its been in the 90’s or 100’s the last 26 days.   We kinda got our asses kicked yesterday on the Black Foot but today we made up for it with a good day on the Bitterroot.

I had cool dudes from the South, one of them  would only  fish streamers, the other would do what ever but the streamer bite wasn’t on the last couple of days.  My streamer guy wouldn’t give up and today he stuck a plus 20 inch brownie on a streamer and a couple of other fish before fishing the hopper/dropper rig.  Once he switched over from streamers we stuck a bunch of bows and other native fish/ pike minnow’s on the dropper but caught some on the hopper also.

I’ve been jumping in the water a lot trying to keep cool.  I’ve seen some elk doing the same thing lately.  Yesterday we watched an eagle enjoying his freshly slayed merganser for lunch.  I love eagles!

Take care and stay cool my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!