I was lucky enough to converse, meet, and take fishing a really wonderful person recently.  I feel even though we only spoke on the phone and by email a few times and spent one day together on the water, we became friends.

From  our short time hanging out I realized we had a lot in common.   We’re both devout family men immensely loving our wives, children/ grand children with pride.  We extremely enjoy bird hunting and we  love dogs/ we have the same breed of bird dogs/ wire hair pointing griffs.  We both are fishing fanatics.  John’s son is also a fishing guide  We shared similar political views and of course love fishing.  My uncle and mentor Bruce Jessen was a VietNam  war veteran,  As was John.   John flew helicopters in VietNam and was definitely a war hero.   John and I  both  enjoy history and like similar books and authors.

John spent his last day with his longtime friend Mike and his new friend my self on Tuesday fly fishing in my drift boat.

I’ve spent the last 13 years with strangers in the morning and friends in the afternoon as a fishing guide.  Some I remember, some I don’t but I’m so fortunate to meet so many great people with the career I have been able to have.   John to me seemed like just plain an awesome human being!

Thank you John for fishing with me. I will never forget you. You are no doubt now in your happy hunting and fishing grounds.  If a man has to go, as his friend Mike said, he went with his wading boots on!

My condolences to John’s family and friends