Water temps are coming up and fish are still actively feeding but it’s getting a bit tougher to catch trout at will.  I’ve been on the Bitterroot and the Clark Fork the last 4 days.  Big goldens have bailed us out twice and I  have had cool, fun guests in my drift boat lately who fish hard and  we’re getting it done.  Thanks Brian, Bob, David, and John.

My kids and I floated the lower Clark last week.  They are becoming pretty competent fly fishers.  They mend well, set the hook, and manage line efficiently.  We found a northern pike in a backwater slough.  We drug some streamers past him and he wouldn’t grab a thing.  I’ve seen some big fish in the river and this guys was way over 40 inches, 20lb plus trout eating, zombie apocalypse surviving MONSTA!!   We will go after him again some day!!

If you read the book The Art of Racing in the Rain  by Garth Stein, be prepared to cry! Great read but you better love dogs.  I don’t trust very many humans who don’t love dogs.

Be neighborly Yall or Karma will kick your ass hopefully!