The first thing you learn or should learn when racing motorcycles is during a moto/race is to never look back behind you.  If  you are worried about who is catching you, you will only lose concentration, slow down, lose focus, and make mistakes.  If you are taking peeks back and aren’t charging forward you won’t succeed!

Pride Jessen racing MX in Montana

Let’s use this knowledge and try to apply it to 2021.  We are starting the year with fishing new patterns that my son tied, he is on the water sticking brown trout  as I am writing this (I just got a text from him).  From time to time I look in my log books and retrieve information to help my guests fishing success, but let’s only look back if it will improve our lives.

Attitude is everything so lets make the most out of each minute, hour,  and day we have!  We’ll be doing some R & D fishing new flies, trying to make 2021 a banner year but will start it by looking forward to this 2021 Season.

The cover picture is the nicest brown trout my son Pride has caught in 2021!

Stay Fishy my Friends,

Brooks Jessen / Troutzoola MT Fly Fishing